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Sherlock Advent Day 15

This is part of the Sherlock BBC Advent Day 15 go to Sherlockbbc for the full story.
The BodyCollapse )

AndersonCollapse )

The FireplaceCollapse )

Small ChildCollapse )

The TreeCollapse )

The StockingCollapse )

Behind the SceneCollapse )

Random Geekiness

I got a new touch phone a few weeks ago and to stop scratching I got a case for it.

Its the TARDIS. Just thought I'd share.
Also i ordered it from this etsy shop if anyone wants to look at their other stuff

The Employment History of John H. Watson

Title: The Employment History of John H. Watson
Rating: G
Summary: A series of snapshots of John's Life via his employment
A.N. I'd thought I'd do something fannish to celebrate getting my first full time job after university and I might do another one for Sherlock's employment history but I'm sure it consist of took job for 30 minutes got bored left decided to never be employed by someone else again. Also please forgive some of the dodgy photoshop it was my first time using it.

Full View is Best

The bases for these images are from the places below. BBC Promotional photos  Paper Round, Green Grocers Assistant,
University Student, Intern Screencap from S24E40 of Casulty, Doctor Screencap from S1E1 Black Books, Army Doctor, S1E1 of Sherlock (i think we all guessed that) and Assistant Beekeeper

Hope you all enjoy

New Years Breakfast

Every New Years I end up cooking pancakes for breakfast not because people particulalry request them but becuase the entire world seems to be moving more slower than usual and pancakes are (to me at least) a slow requiring time to make and equally importantly time to enjoy.
That being said I made my first forage into shaped and flavoured pancakes this morning and they were lots of fun.

Bacon and Egg pancakes (With the bacon coloured and flavoured by strawberry jam and the egg yolk with apricot jam)

I got the idea from Jim's Pancakes and in fanish news I am slowly working on a new Sherlock thing (key word slowly).

Happy new year internet.

Sherlock Advent Day 17

One of these answers is right and Sherlock of course already has chosen that on but let’s see what would happen if we were picking the site. So choose your own adventure, but just one.

Church of St John at Hampstead – Sherlock joins crypt tour and within 10 minutes gets thrown out of Church for pointing out inaccuracies of the building; touching the skeletons and deducing that the tour guide has been living in the crypt.*

Church of St John the Apostle – Sherlock slips into the Church through the back door and makes his way quietly to the cellar. In the cellar is a John’s white cable knit jumper neatly folded with a note. The note says “Oh how disappointing Sherlock I guess I’ll have to play Guess the Poison with John instead as He’s with me”. *

Church of St John the Evangelist (Stratford) – Sherlock leaves the Church after finding no sign of John or Jim and by complete accident gets into fight with men from Pub across the Road. Sherlock wins but ends up with a bleeding head wound, a great desire for his doctor and the strong belief that this Church and surrounds are a complete waste of time.*

Church of St John – Sherlock enters the cellars of the deserted Church there he encounters Jim Moriarty...*

Church of St John the Baptist Stratford – Whilst breaking into the Church Sherlock is apprehended by the local police for breaking and entering and is placed in the cells. At 2am Mycroft arrives to personally collect his little brother and pay the bail (or in Mycroft’s case get the entire report deleted from all record). *

Church of St John the Evangelist (Whetstone) – Sherlock arrives at the Church ready to sneak into the cellars but is confronted with a brightly lit church full of parishioners getting ready for their annual Christmas Carols. Sherlock joins in the hope of slipping into the cellars in the confusion whilst everyone leaves. His plan work but he finds no sign of John or Jim. *


 Sorry I don't know how to do a blacked out background if anyone can tell me that wil be very useful for next time. Thanks madrona_8  

Sherlock Advent Day 16 code reveal

The answer

And annotated it is.
Sherlock meeting withy John ander I underhill(neath?) Saints John Church

Sherlock Advent Day 7 Transcript

Transcript for Sherlock Advent Day 7.

*start message*

Ah John
This is Margaret Holmes, Sherlock's mother. Now Sherlock's been horribly secretive about his new flatmat, which generally means he's fond of you. So I'm ringing to invite you to Christmas dinner. I'm already aware that you have no plans so their is no need to RSVP. I shall expect to see you and Sherlock on the 25th and look forward to finally meeting you.
Ta ta for now

*end message*